TINTON FALLS, NJMay 15, 2013 – Clear Computing, the leading dispatch software company, has announced www.AcctBal.com is now available.  www.AcctBal.com is a web-based dispatch software service that allows your customers to see their information online. The newest web-based service includes balances by service location and assigned unit with rates along with additional features to keep your business moving.

dispatch software from clear computingGetting started is easy and simple. Clear Computing software users can give customers their web-based dispatch software service URL and a specific login. The link structure is www.acctbal.com/CompanyName and TAC Online users will be provided a customer code and password for each client. Clients of TAC Online customers will have instant access to their financial balances and service.

Web-Based Dispatch Software Information Includes:

  • Service Site Address
  • Balances by Service Location
  • Assigned Unit with Rates
  • Service Routes
  • Invoices
  • Payments

“We are thrilled to be announcing www.AcctBal.com as part of our delivery management software, TAC Online,” says Joel Smith, Clear Computing Technology Officer. “This web-based dispatch service software addition will allow our customers to easily keep their clients updated and on track.”

The cost of this web-based service is $19.95 with a one-time setup fee of $120.00.  To see www.AcctBal.com in action, visit http://www.acctbal.com/trial to start a free trial. Trial users can login with username: docon, and password: docon@999.

For more information about Clear Computing service management software, visit http://www.clearcomputing.com/about-us/ or contact Clear Computing at 1-888-332-5327.

About Clear Computing, Inc.

Clear Computing is the developer of state-of-the-art operations management software for the waste, rental, fuel and service delivery industries. Clear Computing Online handles day-to-day customer service and financials, including service site management, price lists, work orders, service routes, dispatch, route mapping and optimization, disposal tracking, inventory and more.

Clear Computing has led the industry in service delivery management software enhancements and integration since 1988 with Microsoft Windows-based software, integrated mapping and links to QuickBooks Pro and GPS tracking. Clear Computing Online is a Microsoft Certified product. Contact Clear Computing at 1-888-33-CLEAR (1-888-332-5327) or for more information, visit http://www.clearcomputing.com.

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