In a world of immediacy, “Self Checkout” lanes are soon going to be a thing of the past. Developers are in the process of creating mobile transactions.  Several stores have been able to test this technology and even though the results have yet to be released, it is known that there are many benefits of the mobile checkout feature.

The idea is simple. When you go into a store, you scan an item that you wish to purchase on your mobile device and it connects with the stores POS system, which removes it from their inventory.  A receipt will appear on your screen when you’re finished with your transaction. It’s that easy and you can be on your way.

Mobile Checkout Benefits

  • Customers can avoid long lines
  • Retailers save money on checkout staff
  • Virtual wallet applications reduce merchant fees on credit or debit card transactions

At Clear Computing, we strive to make the management of your business as simple as mobile checkouts. With our service software, Total Activity Control Online, you can access your business’ inventory from any location with Internet access on a mobile device.  TAC Online also lets you access a report of that day’s updated data on your local computer every night.

service business software on your iphoneClear Computing also offers a variety of useful apps that work well with TAC Online service business software to enhance your smart phone experience:

  • Stop-by-stop emails with action buttons
  • Route/service information with directions
  • Voice directions from current location to service location
  • Capture customer signature and driver notes electronically
  • Credit card payments with signature and receipt
  • Video calls from smart phone
  • Use TAC Online with remote desktop
  • Printing from any Apple and Android device

Our service management software aims to remove the inconvenience of making trips to your main office by bringing TAC Online to your fingertips.  Keep your business organized anytime, anywhere on your mobile device, plus check out all of our other great software features, here:

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