Online Service Management Software Frees Up Operation RestraintsFor the past 25 years, companies have run their businesses using traditional software installed on their own computers which has been vastly improved to perform all the complex tasks required to manage a company. Now, with high-speed internet services, mobile devices, and new cloud-based service management software and web applications, companies can actually get a higher level of service with lower costs by moving their operations online.

Did you know? Fortune 500 companies, the banking industry and, yes, even McDonalds, have leveraged online service management software for years, as the most effective and lowest cost alternative to traditional software. If you’d like to review a total cost of ownership breakdown of traditional versus online service software, read our ‘Why Web Beats Traditional‘ PDF, but here’s the bottom line: Web-based alternatives cost less, supply a higher level of service, and open new ways to run your company at lower cost with less effort.

What does this mean for you? You’re freed up from keeping traditional software running on your computers, so you can concentrate on running your business instead. Doesn’t that sound nice?

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