Viewing a Site or Customer Just Got Faster!
When you’ve had a customer for a long time, you can have a lot of information about that customer.  Now, with Filtered Grids, TAC runs faster because you can control how much you see.

You can set a date range, e.g., current year or last two years, and when  in a Site or Customer Master you will only see history in that date range for:
  •     Work Orders
  •     Invoices
  •     Line Charges
  •     Payments
  •     Notes

In addition, the Customer Master Site Tab will show only site locations that meet the following qualifications

  • Units assigned to site
  • Total due not zero
  • Bill through date within the selected date range
  • Entered date in the selected date range
How to Activate:  
To set the date range, right click on any grid and select grid management. On the bottom of the form enter date range on bottom and click set and Save.