Tracking Complaints and Compliments

One way to keep your customers happy is to resolve customer complaints and reward your drivers for good service.TAC supports the tracking of customer complaints and compliments via site and customer notes. Each complaint or compliment has a note created at site or customer level with code set to GOOD or BAD . The driver or person involved has name in the note field.You can review these notes using F11 to get an Excel-like grid display or Reports /Sites/Notes/  Report #10 to get a printed report.We recommend you run the report at end of each week to make sure all complaints are resolved and compliments are rewarded.Setup

Populate Reference File 89 with the codes used to identify compliments and complaints, i.e., GOOD, BAD.


Have all complaints and compliments entered into a note at site or customer level.


Print a notes report for the previous day and have management review and act on.


Print notes report for previous week and verify all issued resolved.