TAC now supports optional notifications of the status of your sent emails. There are three categories that you can sign up for:
  1. Delivered – email delivered (We do not recommend using this)
  2. Bounced – Could not deliver ,e.g., bad address NDR (Non-delivery Report)
  3. Complaint – email violated access rules for receiving client

We recommend you start with Bounced emails. This should address the majority of email tracking issues. ¬†You will be required to supply a single company email where all notifications are sent. When an email is sent through TAC, you will receive an email conforming the status, e.g, if you sign up for “Bounced”, you will receive a notification email each time your sent email bounces.


There is a $5.00 /month charge for sender. A sender can be used for all divisions, or you can get separate senders for each division.


Other Enhancements
  • Set billing method by bill type.
  • Standing orders now have start and stop times
  • Batch credit card posting now includes total due column to spot overdue clients
  • Print invoices by proposal field
  • Demographic mapping now supports selection by division code
  • Double-click from site master improved so selected form is always on top
  • Service route report format 12 list unit type chart expanded
  • Bulk printing of work orders for other than primary company , e.g., division A, did not always print maps
  • Mapping image button made more readable
  • Added Saturday and Sunday to Garmin update