Grid Management
You can set up company grids so everyone has the same tool bars and grids. Simply choose the first person and set up grids the way you want them. Then go to  \Admin\system setting\user setting.


Check the box “Use Company Default Grids”. 
This copies your grid to a common area on the shared L-drive.  As each user checks the box, they will then use the grids and menus in the common area.

Click to see video on Grids Management

Forms Management
We have several new features to help with forms management.  Many people keep multiple forms open rather then close them after each use. When opening forms from the site master:
  • Right click and view. Guarantees when you close the form the site master will be open.
  • Double click.    Site master may or may not be open depending upon how fast you click. The speed of clicking results in the requested form being hidden.
We have added these features to give you control. In Admin\user setting\ two new check boxes:
  • Cascade windows on closing – Close a form, all open forms will cascade so you can click on title bar to select the form you want.
  • Force Site master to back – when you open a work order, or rental unit the site master will be forced to back, so the form you selected always shows no matter how fast you click.
F7 Search
The F7 search now searches the line item charge note. Used to rapidly locate a site with specific line item details.