TAC On Line – Scanner Announcement
We continue to add features to remove any paper and voice communication for normal operations with employees and customers. These new services support your driver reporting serial numbers to back office for deliveries, pickups and exchanges. The driver simply scans the unit code (yes we support all coding types qr, bar code 39, etc.) and you receive both a real time email and a note inserted into TAC Online immediately. Close business transactions now!
Your customer can scan a Service Survey QR code with any scanner software and they will be prompted on unit status, and option to add a note. 7 x 24 customer service

The new services are based on two scanner tools:

  • QR – Service Survey
  • Driver Scan
QR – Service Survey
Put a QR Code sticker on your unit and give your customers the ability to report on unit condition.  Your customers and users can scan the QR code on your unit, and you receive an immediate email message with the site number, serial number, and user comments. This information is also stored in TAC.

Give it a try by scanning the code on the right.


Driver Scan

This app is FREE for all Web Service Stations and not only scans inventory bar codes but will also work with QR Service Survey labels.

This app will run on both Apple and Android phones and tablets and allows your drivers to sign in securely and scan unit serial numbers to:

  • Send email to office with
    • Serial number
    • Action selected by driver,  e.g., deliver, pickup
    • GPS latitude and longitude
    • Driver note
    • Date and time
  • Notes are inserted as follows:  If unit is assigned,  a Site Note is crated and if not assigned a special Customer Note is posted to a customer “OPERATIONS”

Sample Label you can print from TAC:

Try it out!   CLICK HERE.