TAC Online – Sales Station Update!

The New Web Sales Station is available, with many new features.


(login=demo, password=demo@999)

New features include:
  • Customer view across all their sites
  • TAC Online menu structure
  • Right click and open any form in a new tab which means unlimited customer and site views
  • Select row and click context menu to act on the row for faster navigation
  • Export any grid to XLS, XLSX, PDF, CSV and RTF
  • Unlimited form grid views. So you can can have several customized views for every tab
    • Save
    • Load
    • Delete
    • Select
Above added to the already full set including:
  • Google-like search box that searches all displayed fields
  • Search by invoice, work order and unit serial number
  • Adjustable column widths
  • Selection of display themes ( Lots of different styles)
  • Financial summary on location tab
  • Invoices and work orders can be emailed as attachment
  • Invoice and work order export in (pdf, rtf, html, etc…)
  • Email
    • Multiple recipient email addresses (Pull down of site and customer emails)
  • Edit Site Master
  • Line items on proposal can be edited
  • Faster response times
Try it out here:
(login=demo, password=demo@999)