TAC Online: Feature Updates

Clear Computing Online is Moving  7/19/2012

We will be moving Clear Computing to a enhanced secure cloud on 7/19/2012.  The only change to our users will be the address you use to connect to Clear Computing OnLine. All users will be contacted via email and phone the day before the change  to make sure all connection short cuts are correct.

In addition to greater security, the following features will be included with this change:

  • GPS – send stop-by-stop instructions to a Garmin via Street Eagle
  • Bing mapping will support location dot moving and visual and written driving instructions
  • Faster speeds

Clear Computing Online Updates July 15, 2012 Version 442

New version 13.0.442 and 13.1.442 Enhancements and Fixe


Work Order Waste Audit Report
Work order format audit report enhanced for better verification of lading reporting from disposal  

Customer Notes List
Customer notes list now includes the customer phone and fax number in the listing. Great tool to do cold calling management

Help has been moved to the Clear Computing web site with the Customer Center at www.clearcomputing.com

Credit Card Processing 14.1.xxx and 14.0.xxx
New credit card processing form speeded-up with checks for valid population of ID’s before exiting


Work Order Emailing
When emailing all work orders for a specific route, it failed to send an email for each work order. This was caused when map zone was recently added. This update correct the problem

Work Order Format
Check box to suppress system wide message on work order did not effect work order.

Mapping Work Orders
The time allowed per stop was inflated by 30 minutes. It now uses the Reference File 15 settings for the first rate code on the work order. The actual time is calculated as follows.

  1. Fixed time for the stop, i.e., 15 minutes
  2. Time based upon quantity of the work order

The sum of the two is the time allotted per stop

Work Order Conversion to Line Charge
When converting work orders to line charges on slow computer system, there was sometimes an error message. Form now takes into account slower computers and wait until charges are populated correctly

TAC Online Updates Version 336

The following changes were installed on July 1, 2012

TAC OnLine Icon

All desk tops now have a new shortcut TAC OnLine to launch the program. This is part of the new enhanced security system that allows companies to specify specific computers to access company data


Speedier operations – forms are now re-displayed faster.

Grid Filtering Enhanced

Site and Customer Master forms now have a check box “Turn Off Grid Filter” in upper right hand corner.  When working on a specific site or customer you can quickly turn off the filtering of grid to see all records, not just the most recent.

Email Enhanced

Emailing of invoices, statement, ledger and notes are 10 times faster and support attachments

Credit Card Processing

New credit card processing is 10+ times faster and has removed the double click when successfully paying with a credit card

Rate Analysis Report

Now includes billing type at the unit level as a diagnostic add to make sure units are billed with the correct group

Age Report

Age report highest to lowest includes bill type and status to aid in collection process


TAC Online Feature Updates
The following changes were installed on June 10, 2012

  • F7 – Search will immediately open the site if you enter a work order, invoice or site number and the tab key… Saves a click!
  • Work Order search now includes map selection. This supports selecting all work orders that are in a specific map zone. Great for selecting work to fill out a route scheduled for today from future work orders.
    • Deliveries pickups
    • Grease service
    • Yellow oil collections
    • Medical waste pickups
  • Mapping tools for work orders now support selection by Map code.      Choose a zone, assign to a single route and then optimize and save. Makes quick work of dispatching work orders
  • Inventory Rate analysis report ( Report/Inventory/Rental Units/#10 Rate Analysis) has been redesigned to give you a
    • Break down by service interval
    • Projected revenue for re-occurring billing for a 28day billing cycle
    • Low, high and average price
  • Auto login – If you check” remember your login”, you now have an option to auto login without typing your login and password each time. You can manage the connection in Admin/User Settings.
  • Filter Grid – Now will always show the first site for a customer in the Customer Master Sites Tab. This site is  used to hold credit card information, collection notes, etc.
  • Speed Improvement
    • Enhanced data connection will further improve speed response