Clear Computing serves your portable toilet service company with our revolutionary dispatch software, Total Activity Control (TAC). The system is designed to simplify your service delivery and make it available from anywhere at anytime, but it does more than that, as we witnessed first hand a couple weeks ago. TAC customer management software is there for you when you need it most, even if your entire office loses power. 

A few Fridays ago, a wayward truck took out a telephone pole right outside our office, thus sabotaging the power for our entire building. With nothing to do at the office, we sent everyone home to work remotely. We were able to conduct all our business as a unified office, just like a normal workday, from many different locations because TAC has all of our information stored in the cloud.

Client Management Software

How Our Client Management Software Saved Us

1) Every member of our crack team had access to all of our important information from their home computers, a laptop at Starbucks or anywhere really because TAC uses the cloud. 

2) We were able to fill out, send and file all the work orders for the day using email. We saved the important information to the file and kept it moving.

3) We communicated our situation and then proceeded to conduct business as usual with all our customers via our online chat and remote desktop system, both available from any computer with the Internet. 

4) We emailed out the invoices and received payment instantly with electronic credit card transactions.

5) Because we use VoIP for our business phones that also stores information wirelessly in the cloud, we were even able to conduct our business and conference calls just as though we were at the office. All of our incoming calls were automatically routed to our various home and cell numbers using this system. 

We’ve always stood behind our client management software for service delivery, TAC. It’s so nice, very humbling and reaffirming to see that it helps us exactly the same way it helps our customers. When we were faced with an uncontrollable disaster, which could easily have become a clerical nightmare, our dispatch software kept us on our feet and kept us doing the work we love to do.