We are enhancing our customized work order support to allow for custom work order forms on the driver’s service apps.

The drivers enter information on their mobile devices that then shows up on matching work order manifests.

Driver’s App Specialized Work Order Forms. These forms are designed to improve operational reporting, real ¬†time invoicing, regulatory reporting requirements and improved information for drivers. ¬†Options include

  • Standard (Available now)
  • Black and yellow oil collection (Available now, see below)
  • Roll offs
  • Medical manifest tracking
  • Septic and sewer and drain with financials
  • Fuel Delivery

Black/Yellow Oil Work Order Form

We now support entry of start and ending inches for black/yellow oil collection with customer signature for manifesting requirements.

1. Driver enters starting and ending inches on work order edit on the mobile web app.

2. The starting and ending inches flow through to the manifest (custom manifest required) so it can be emailed to the customer for permanent record keeping.

For more information about a customized work order form for your company, contact our office.