Software and Services

We offer a suite of software and services to serve your company's needs. Our service business management system brings together everything you need to run your day-to-day operations. From service calls to customer records management, from GPS and vehicle tracking to integrated credit card processing, our software can help your company grow — all with efficient, paperless operations.

With Total Activity Control online system and our suite of mobile tools, you'll have all the information you need at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

Total Activity Control Online

Run Your Company Your Way, Anywhere, Anytime. Total Activity Control Online brings together everything your service company needs, from wherever you are. Our end-to-end service covers sales, dispatching, billing, productivity, online payments, real-time GPS, and more. We offer secure, web-based support for desktop, mobile and tablets. Put every asset at your fingertips, save time and money, and help your business grow.

We offer two options, each tailored to different functions.

Web Stations For Field And Office

With our powerful mobile tools, your drivers and sales team can go paperless. Our Web Stations For Field And Office offer specialized features to meet the needs of your team, whether in the office, on the go, or in the field.

Web Stations complement the TAC Online back office stations which handle full business operations. Each station type supports specific jobs with data access and features centered around your employee's needs.  They are easy to learn and accessible from any location on any device that has internet access.

Additional Services

Track your inventory with QR Codes or allow your customers to pay their bills online with your company-branded Customer Portal.

Supported Industries

Are we a match for your business? Total Activity Control software is designed for many kinds of service delivery companies, including the waste and sanitation industries, fuel delivery and more. Check out our full list of supported industries, including equipment rental, portable toilets, waste disposal and recycling, oil delivery, and roll-offs.

Integrated Credit Card Payments

Payment Management

Get instant payments with low-cost, integrated credit card processing and reduce costs for both you and your customers. Integrated credit card processing saves 30% over the cost of any other form of customer payment.


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We allow you to use only the services and software your company needs. We charge month-to-month with no contract. Add or remove components as your company grows, or as customer demand changes through the year.

Common Questions

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We answer common questions about our software and services.

Why We're The Best

Why choose us for your business? With Clear Computing, you have a partner in the industry and gain the benefits of the business know-how we’ve developed supporting service businesses just like yours since 1988. We understand the needs of your business and can help you find more efficient ways of running your operations.

Insight Street Eagle

Insight Street Eagle

We integrate with Insight Street Eagle to provide hardened, full-fleet management software. With Street Eagle, you'll have date, time, speed and operational monitoring of your fleet.