Modern technologies provide speed and convenience, so start taking advantage of them with our customized route sheets and dispatch map templates. Simplify your customer locations by organizing them with our easy-to-use mapping templates. Here are just a few of the perks:

  • Different kinds of maps can be grouped into different templates for easy access.
  • You are able to draw the maps yourself with our user-friendly program.

dispatch softwareWith this method you can access maps in any category that you’ve saved in the cloud with TAC delivery management software. You can even use different colors to categorize your templates. On one easy-to-use map you can create and make changes to multiple aspects of your business, like:

  • Service routes
  • Site maps
  • Standing orders
  • Work order dispatch

All of your handy dispatch software templates will appear beneath the streets of the area you’re mapping, so there’s never any confusion about where they are and what they signify. It’s easy to track and organize demographics, make sure your orders are placed in the correct service zone, and price your service properly based on its location. Watch this mapping templates video to learn more.

Start using our dispatch map templates today, and take the stress out of service mapping! Check out this link for other great Clear Computing software features:

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