new address for service softwareClear Computing knows that change is a good thing. That’s why we’ve redesigned TAC Online to use cloud technology, to save you time and energy, and to streamline your service. If your clients are happy, then you’ll be happy as well, and we get there with efficiency. You can’t stay stagnant in this rapid-fire, digitized world, which is why we’ve changed the address to our service management software to incorporate app technology.

As of August 7th, you can access TAC Online, our revolutionary software, through this web gateway. You can also click the link from the Clear Computing homepage, where it reads “Log into TAC Online here.” Why have we made this change? Now, you can access TAC Online in way that looks like familiar, running on your local computer. You can support multiple monitors, you have access to all local drives, and, most importantly, it’s even faster. Get up and running with our new format today, and save even more time!

Do you have any questions about the new address? Tell us how it’s working for you on our Facebook and Twitter, and keep coming back to the blog for more updates!