Enhanced service software, TAC Online, brings web stations to mobile customers of Clear Computing, Inc.

TINTON FALLS, NJApril 17, 2013 – Clear Computing, the leading dispatch software company, has announced that new web stations are now available on Total Activity Control Online.  The latest web station updates include both service routes and sales stations with a number of diverse features. TAC Online users will now be able to search anything, have the option to control sort order of any column, change the number of rows displayed and access the stations from both Apple and Samsung tablets.

The dispatch software web stations (service routes) can be automatically updated from your office. It also features electronic route sheets with directions, notes and contact information. The service routes give you written or verbal turn-by-turn directions of current locations as well as driver notes for a specific location, work order for that route and production reports.

service softwareDispatch Software Web Stations (Sales Stations) Features:

  • Key fields display to ID current sites including unit count, last bill date, total balance
  • Full financial balance
  • Map of location with written and verbal turn-by-turn directions from current location
  • Open invoices
  • Units with rates for service location
  • Service routes
  • Site notes with option to add new notes
  • Customer notes with option to add new notes

Dispatch software“We are excited to be rolling out new updates to our already illustrious dispatch software, TAC Online,” says Joel Smith, Clear Computing Technology Officer. “Our team is always trying to improve and expand upon our service software for our vast clientele.”

Clear Computing is in the process of bringing Work Order Dispatch stations for work orders and the Customer Access station to TAC Online.  This will give the customer the option of checking financials and scheduling work.

For more information about Clear Computing management software, visit http://www.clearcomputing.com/about-us/ or contact Clear Computing at 1-888-332-5327.

About Clear Computing, Inc.

Clear Computing is the developer of state-of-the-art operations management software for the waste, rental, fuel and service delivery industries. Clear Computing Online handles day-to-day customer service and financials, including service site management, price lists, work orders, service routes, dispatch, route mapping and optimization, disposal tracking, inventory and more.

Clear Computing has led the industry in service delivery management software enhancements and integration since 1988 with Microsoft Windows-based software, integrated mapping and links to QuickBooks Pro and GPS tracking. Clear Computing Online is a Microsoft Certified product. Contact Clear Computing at 1-888-33-CLEAR (1-888-332-5327) or for more information, visit http://www.clearcomputing.com.

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