Clear Computing prides itself on its unique management software, TAC Online. It covers all the bases for your company and allows you use its services from anywhere you get Internet access. Ok, it’s easy to say these things and not elaborate, but let’s elaborate. Let’s review TAC Online and see how it stands up to the essential need for a service management software and weigh its merits.

service softwareDo you have invoices you need to send out? √

The paperwork becomes a messy business and who needs the headache of tracking down an errant slip of paper that can be make or break to prove a business transaction? TAC Online handles this for you, instantly delivering invoices to your customers. Our service software also handles your proposals; draft them, email them, and instantly convert them into invoices for the services you proposed when the customer accepts service. What are you going to do with the time you’ve saved?

service management softwareDo your employees know where to go for service delivery? √

With TAC Online, there’s no doubt that the maps are clear, because everyone views the same electronic copy stored in the cloud, and the Write On Maps let you make the modifications you need to, with changes instantly visible. Work Orders and Fixed Service Routes are integrated, so if a work order changes, the route reflects the change immediately, and you don’t lose any time. Finally, TAC Online offers state-of-the-art Garmin Integration, which gives in-vehicle voice and map directions. Your employees will have no doubt of where they’re going, so you won’t lose any time providing your service.

Are you keeping track of your billing and customer records? √

TAC Online offers complete records management, integrating free software for credit card payments, online and otherwise, with a digital paper trail of every transaction.

delivery softwareAre you unable to make it to the office today, but there are pressing demands? 

Relax! Our delivery software uses the cloud, so you can use it from anywhere. You can manage your business from your couch if you wanted too. Its dependable features ensure that you’ll never have to leap out of bed to correct something at the office.

In Summary:

Pros: Streamlines all service delivery processes with the best service management software; saves times, money, and paper; is accessible from anywhere, at any time; handles billing; handles invoices and mapping.

Cons: Well, there doesn’t appear to be any.

When it comes to dispatching software, TAC Online is the apex. Never again will work give you a headache, and if, somehow, catastrophe arises, or miscommunication, you can correct it from anywhere. Ideally you’re on a tropical beach, handling invoices from your smart phone. Let Clear Computing help you leave the messes of the past behind and step into a shiny, clean, and neatly-ordered future!

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