Service Delivery Management Success Stories

Whether you’re a one-person operation or 100-employee company, running a business can be hard and keeping a business afloat requires the ability to keep going through tough times. Making service delivery management improvements to your business can help you balance your time and budget.

Check out these two real-life stories of how Clear Computing’s understanding and knowledge of your dispatch software needs, coupled with great customer support, can help your company operate anytime, anywhere!

Using the Best Service Management Software Makes A Difference

A husband and wife team with three children could no longer staff the office, even from Using the Best Service Management Software Makes a Differencehome. Thus, the challenge was in keeping the company running, even with everyone mobile. Solution #1: The husband used an iPad and Clear Computing’s service management software for easy access, updating customer records on the go.  Solution #2: The wife used a new Windows 8 laptop with built-in Wi-Fi and cell phone access. This allowed her to cover calls and use the Internet to handle invoice distribution and receivables. The husband and wife team shared a single station license to keep costs low and had complete access to all company information via TAC Online.

Duane at Jack Spack’s was switching Internet providers to take advantage of a new promotion. When he came into work around 7am, he found there was no Internet access. After getting no results from talking to his service provider, he contacted Clear Computing. We had his Internet up and running within 15 minutes so Duane could keep his business moving. Are you having the same problem? Here are two solutions to get your business up and moving immediately. Solution #1: Contact Clear Computing from a laptop where Wi-Fi is available. Duane had contacted our live support team here at Clear Computing from his laptop. Solution #2: Purchase and use a hot spot from any Internet service provider and turn any space into your office. Hot spots support 5 or 10 simultaneous connections and allow you to work on the go.

We love sharing all of the best service management software stories from our customers! Has Clear Computing made a real-life difference in your business? Please let us know how we’ve helped your business (or your life) by reaching out on Facebook and Twitter with your story. It could be featured in an upcoming blog post!