From time to time, our service delivery management customers have wondered, “How can we verify that our units have been serviced?”  To answer that, we’ll explain, below, a number of ways to track your units’ service history (besides depending only on the stickers that are kept within the units).

  • Service Verification Chip
    • There is a chip on each unit that the driver scans when serviced. This is downloaded at end of day and stored in the Clear Computing software (TAC). Full service history is given at the cost of  $3-4 per chip and $250 per scanner. This does require, however, using a fixed serial number on each unit.
  • Vehicle Location History
    • Street Eagle GPS keeps vehicle location history at the cost of $30-35 per month per vehicle, plus a one-time $300 fee for equipment. *Consider that this option may eventually pay for itself with road use tax credits.
  • Smart Phone Tracking
    • Right now, with the iPhone®, we have an App called GPS-Relay that works with the Clear Computing software (TAC) work order and service route emails to show the location, date, and time for driver work completed at a stop.  A service verification email can then be sent to your customer with these details.

Coming Soon for Clear Computing’s Online Service Management Software

We’re expecting that by February of 2013, our online service management software will have forms for Apple® and Android® smart phones and tablets. Drivers will be able to fill out the form from their device in real-time creating a full tracking history that will be maintained in the Clear Computing software (TAC).

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