Great news Clear Computing users! You can now use your tablet with Clear Computing’s service management software, TAC Online. We, at Clear Computing, understand that everyone likes to be mobile. In using Clear Computing‘s service management software you have the option to work remotely and on-the-go using your tablet, but what’s even better than that? It results in a large cost savings each year!

Using Clear Computing’s service company software with a tablet is a win-win for your business for two main reasons:

    1. Selection and setup is a breeze!
        1. Get more information and instructions on using a tablet with Clear Computing’s service software here:
    2. Cost savings of tablet use are significant!
        1. Refer to the ‘Cost Savings’ section in the below TAC Online How-To Guide for a list of areas that offer potential savings:

Have you noticed the effect that Clear Computing’s service software, TAC Online, has had on your wallet? Let us know by reaching out on Facebook and Twitter!