Clear Computing’s revolutionary service management software, TAC Online, can be utilized from both your PC and smart phone! The most exciting part of using TAC from your smart phone is the apps that can be downloaded in order to enhance your service business software experience.

Service Business Software on your Smart Phone

On the iPhone you’re able to download innovative apps like Navigon which provide you with voice directions from your current location to your service location, in order to minimize the time you spend searching for your next stop. Then there’s InnerFence, which makes it simple to accept credit card payments on your phone that come with both a signature and receipt option!

But the buck doesn’t stop at just the iPhone. On the Android you can download programs like Skype, which make videoconferencing with your boss simple while you’re on the road. There’s also the ezPDF app, which optimizes your ability to write driver notes and capture customer signatures electronically.

With so many fun features to apply to your Clear Computing dispatch software experience, what’s stopping you from using it on your phone today? Simply search “Email From TAC” in your smart phone store!

What’s your favorite app to use with TAC Online? Let us know by reaching out on Facebook and Twitter!