Flexible Access

  • Access the station using any web browser
  • Available in both English and Spanish
  • Selection of display themes with a variety of styles
  • Adjustable column widths
  • Column chooser so you can add or remove columns displayed
Search Sites and Customers

  • Google-like search boxes that searches all displayed fields
  • Search by invoice, work order and unit serial number
  • Search and view customer and site information, including
    • Address, phone, email
    • Google map of location
    • Billing notes, invoice note and site comments
    • Customer code, account type and status
  • Search by individual column
    • Begins
    • Contains
    • Doesn't contain
    • Equals
    • Doesn't Equal

View Dispatch boards

  • Recurring appointments (standing orders)
  • Work orders
  • Fixed service routes including real time web service updates

View and Manage Site and Customer Data

  • Add a new customer or service location
  • Access site and customer notes
  • Add a new site to a new or existing customer
  • View site information
    • Location with map and directions
    • Financial information
    • Search/view/print/email invoices
    • Search/view/print/sign/email work orders
    • Search/view assigned service routes and units
    • Search/view/add/email site and customer notes
  • Edit Site Master
  • Add and manage a proposal invoice which includes:
    • Add and edit line items
    • Generate a proposal invoice


  • Fully customizable grids
  • Column grouping
  • Settings preserved between viewing devices

Free Demo

You can try out our Sales Office Station with a free online demo.

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