• Sales Office Station

    Our Sales Office Station provides secure access to all customer information both at service location and customer level. Your sales team will be able to edit, add notes and work orders, and send customer emails, whether in the office or on the road.

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Flexible Access

  • Access the station using any web browser
  • Available in both English and Spanish
  • Selection of display themes with a variety of styles
  • Adjustable column widths
  • Column chooser so you can add or remove columns displayed

Search Sites and Customers


  • Google-like search boxes that searches all displayed fields
  • Search by invoice, work order and unit serial number
  • Search and view customer and site information, including
    • Address, phone, email
    • Google map of location
    • Billing notes, invoice note and site comments
    • Customer code, account type and status
  • Search by individual column
    • Begins
    • Contains
    • Doesn’t contain
    • Equals
    • Doesn’t Equal

View Dispatch boards

  • Recurring appointments (standing orders)
  • Work orders
  • Fixed service routes including real time web service updates

View and Manage Site and Customer Data

  • Add a new customer or service location
  • Access site and customer notes
  • Add a new site to a new or existing customer
  • View site information
    • Location with map and directions
    • Financial information
    • Search/view/print/email invoices
    • Search/view/print/sign/email work orders
    • Search/view assigned service routes and units
    • Search/view/add/email site and customer notes
  • Edit Site Master
  • Add and manage a proposal invoice which includes:
    • Add and edit line items
    • Generate a proposal invoice


  • Fully customizable grids
  • Column grouping
  • Settings preserved between viewing devices

Free Demo

You can try out our Sales Office Station with a free online demo.

Click here to start the demo.

[ Login=demo Password=demo@999 ]

 Need help? Click here to view our demo tutorials.

  • Pricing

    Sales Office Station pricing is $19.95 per station, plus a one-time setup fee.

    For more information or to sign up, call our sales team at 1-888-33-CLEAR (1-888-332-5327). We’ll help you match our software and services to your company’s needs.

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