• Recommended Mobile Apps

    We’ve tested and identified useful apps for business functions on mobile phones and tablets. Where indicated, these apps are compatible with Total Activity Control.

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Remote Desktop for TAC Online

The following apps support Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and can be used to connect to Total Activity Control Online. For more information, see our guide to TAC Online Setup.

Microsoft Remote DesktopMicrosoft Remote Desktop
iOS & Android

Stop-By-Stop Emails with Action Buttons

The following email apps will support the stop-by-stop message format. See our guide to Paperless Operations with Stop-by-Stop Production Reporting for more information.

Google MailGoogle Mail
iOS & Android

Printing from Mobile

The following apps can be used to facilitate printing from your mobile phone or tablet.

AirPrintAirPrint for iOS

Google CloudPrintGoogle CloudPrint for Android or iOS


Route/Service Information with Voice Directions

The following mapping apps provide turn-by-turn voice directions. For more information, see our guides to POI Routing on the iPhone and Navigon Turn-by-Turn Directions.

Apple MapsApple Maps

Google MapsGoogle Maps
iOS & Android

Credit Card Payments with Signature and Receipt

The following payment apps support credit card signature and receipt.

Inner Fence Credit Card TerminalInner Fence Credit Card Terminal

Digital Capture of Customer Signature and Driver Notes

The following apps support PDF viewing and annotation. For more information, see the official guides to Text Annotation in GoodReader.


Video Chat and Voice Calls

The following apps support voice and video calling over the internet.

Skype Skype
iOS & Android

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