Differentiate your service with QR Code stickers in your units

Ever look at your service from your customer’s point of view?

This is a true story: A few weeks ago, I was visiting a nearby city with my sister who had to use a portable toilet in a park.   She said “I’m only doing this because I’m desperate,”  and opened the door with her nose pinched.

Well, this was the cleanest portable toilet I have every seen outside of a trade show display!   We both wanted, at that moment, to let this portable toilet company know what a great job they were doing!

The very next week, I had to use a portable toilet in another location near my home.  It seemed like it hadn’t been cleaned in weeks.  Boy, did I want to complain! Now, let’s look at this from the point of view of the portable toilet company (YOU!) seeking to increase market share by offering better customer satisfaction.

You can differentiate your service by putting a QR Code Sticker in your unit,  giving your  end customer an easy way to let you know if a unit needs cleaning, or is missing paper.

How about driver motivation?
Unit is dirty? A quick scan can send you an instant notification. 
Clean unit? A happy customer can lead to a driver bonus.

Scan the QR Code below (use QRReader or Scan apps on iPhone or Android) to see a sample service survey.