If you run a service company, chances are you rely on a dispatcher as a vital communication line to workers. But things can sometimes be lost in translation.

Ever play the game “telephone” as a child? Information gets scrambled, sometimes yielding hilarious results, but that spells bad news for workers who need critical information to provide a service.

Here’s an example of communication breakdown: http://youtu.be/My40XgYEvLM

Luckily, with Clear Computing, you can eliminate guesswork in the occasion that your workers can’t quite understand dispatch and vice versa. That’s one of many advantages of our service software, TAC Online.

Eliminate the guesswork by checking route maps and service data remotely from your mobile phone so you’ll never miss a piece of the conversation. When you have the information at your disposal at all times, in your pocket, it’s easy to repair communication breakdowns before they become problematic.

Our TAC Online dispatch software arms you with the ability to be proactive, instead of reactive.

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