We’re moving further and further into the digital age, but from time to time we’re still called upon to present paper copies of transactions.

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That used to be a messy business, with many forms to fill out and signatures to collect. It’s far easier to organize things electronically now, but items like receipts still require paper copies. Luckily, there is a digital solution to this non-digital problem, and Clear Computing will help you integrate it into your dispatching software program.

Now you can easily access a printer from you mobile device, and the printer can plug right into your car. All you need is a smart phone, a mobile printer, and a D/C adapter to plug into your service truck’s cigarette lighter. You can find mobile printers for prices starting at around 100 dollars online at sites like Amazon.com. Get online with your phone, access our dispatch management software and print receipts and orders right there while you’re still servicing a customer.

Just like that, another messy process from the past has been cleaned up with modern technology. Seamlessly integrate on-the-spot paper printing into your dispatch software, and take another step towards absolute efficiency with your company.

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