Financial Reports Sales Search Expanded: The report ReportsFinancialSales has been expanded to include selection of invoices by:
1) Balance of invoice
2) Amount of invoice

Create a work order from an Invoiceproposal:

Create a work order from an invoice. The first six line items of an invoiceproposal into a work order. The work order will be created by converting clerk and dated the same as the invoice date.

Setup: None

1) Go to financial tab on a site and right click on and invoice row and select edit
2) Select tab – 5 Convert to Work Order
3) Click button Invoice to Work Order
4) You will be prompted to add each line items
5) Displays work order number created

Standing Orders for Portable Toilet Rental Enhancement
If you put a rate code in a standing order with a single character i.e., “P” and it matches the first letter of the rate code, it assumes a match and will update the standing order as if the entire code has matched.

1)Standing order rate code must be a single letter.
2) Adminsystem settingInvoiceStanding order Update selects how the standing order is treated when activated
2a) No change
2b) Advance to next service date
2c) Use charge date to advance to next service date
3) Adminsystem setting Work Order check box 14 – check standing order when converting order to invoice (required for multi-line item work order)
4) When posting line charges, check box in lower right hand corner “Auto update standing Order” not to be prompted

First letter of the rate code matches this letter, and then standing order is advanced
1)Email or prints a note after add failed.
2)Easier to read Service route grid display has control characters removed
3)Editing multiple open pending charges did not automatically calculate the second open charge changed