With the predominance of Apple’s iPhone and iPad for the mobile office, many are now reconsidering Apple for their laptops and desktops as well for use in their portable toilet service business.

What are the benefits of making the switch?
• Apple’s OSX operating system is best for office work with mouse and keyboard, while Windows 8 is an awkward compromise between mouse and touch interfaces.
• Cloud-based computing frees you up from the restrictions of legacy software – You are free to try something new!
• Mobility
o Seamless integration between OSX and iOS devices (iPhone, iPads, and iPods)
o Even Apple’s laptops and desktops are light and compact with a solid reputation and long life
o Apple laptops have the longest battery life in the business
o App Store provides huge library of no-fuss third-party software for both OSX and iOS
o Developers are writing applications for OSX first and Windows second
• Stability of OS
o Look forward to OS updates instead of dreading them
o Latest OS actually speeds up old hardware instead of slowing it down
o Higher quality with fewer bugs, viruses, and patches
o Publicly rated Apple rates and puts effort into the quality of what is delivers
o Never worry about hardware drivers or defragging your hard drive
• Cost of software
o Windows Excel ($173.00) vs. Apple Numbers (Free!)
o Cross-Platform compatibility: Apple iWork suite free and fully supported across OSX, iOS, and even in the cloud — all at no cost. Begin a document on one platform and immediately edit it from another through iCloud
o No need to buy multiple licenses – Run application on as many Macs with one Apple ID
o Entire iWork suite is free with all Apple hardware: Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iMovie, iPhoto, and Garageband
• AppleCare/Genius Bar support for both software and hardware
• Viruses and malware threats nearly non-existent for Mac vs. innumerable for Windows
• Real time video conferencing is integrated in the OS.

About Clear Computing, Inc.

Clear Computing is the developer of state-of-the-art operations management software for the waste, rental, fuel and service delivery industries. TAC Online handles day-to-day portable toilet service industry customer service and financials, including service site management, price lists, work orders, service routes, dispatch, route mapping and optimization, disposal tracking, inventory and more.

Clear Computing has led the industry in service delivery management software enhancements and integration since 1988 with Microsoft Windows-based software, integrated mapping and links to QuickBooks Pro and GPS tracking. TAC Online is a Microsoft Certified product. Contact Clear Computing at 1-888-33-CLEAR (1-888-332-5327) or for more information, visit http://www.clearcomputing.com.

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