Web Stations in 8 languages: English, French, Chinese – Twain, Singapore and Hong Kong (HK), Spanish, Panama and Puerto Rico

Service Station Features added:
Both service stops and work orders support update of lat/long on site master from field
Service Dispatch Board (F5) displays check box as stops are completed on field device in real time. Work Order Dispatch Board (F4) status updated real time from field device

Service web stations CostMonth
The total estimated operational costmonth is $49.95
$10.00 annualized cost for a tablet
$20.00 for data plan (2G/month )
$19.95 Web service station

The cost to print route sheets is approximate $43.00/month.

Other costs saving and business benefits include: Lost driver avoidance $100.00event, End of day clerical to record service activity, Start of day printing and organization of route sheet for distribution, Reduction of handling service verification calls by customers (email to customers at each service completion), Reduction in back office management time in tracking service activity (F5 displays stops as finished) Determine lost revenue stops daily, Route days profitability and more!