Clear Computing supports a wide range of mapping tools to help minimize lost drivers, reduce dispatching time, and assist your dispatcher in keeping operations optimized.

To ensure you’re getting the most out of our service delivery management software, be sure to tune in to the series of videos hosted on the Clear Computing website. We’ll take you through the steps of mapping a site, to making sure an address is correct, all the way to route optimization. Simply follow this link to watch our wide selection of training videos:

For basic mapping features, go to ‘Topic #12 Mapping Tools,’ then check out the following dispatch management software videos:

  • #1 – “Map a Location – Quick Start”
  • #2 – “Mapping a Location – Tools”
  • #3 – “Mapping a Location – Tools (Part 2)”
  • #4 – “Mapping a Location – Advanced Tools”
  • #7 – “Mapping Your Site With Google”

Once you’re ready for the leap to advanced mapping tools, we’d suggest tuning in to the following service delivery management software videos:

  • #5 – “Fixed Service Route Mapping”
  • #6 – “Mapping Templates”

Tell us: Do you use Clear Computing service company software for your dispatch mapping needs?