It’s right there on our homepage: “Clear Computing. Your Company. Your Way. Anytime, Anywhere.”  These words have never rung more true than they did last Thursday at 9:30 A.M.

Here, at our online service management software office, we received a call from a company whose server unexpectedly went down. Per the tech, the server would be out of service until Monday. Translation: their entire office system would be down for at least two full workdays, and through the weekend; a business nightmare.

Why did they call Clear Computing? To find out if using Clear Computing Online (TAC Online™) on short notice was an option. In just two short hours, we had their company up and running again, on the cloud. Once the owner gained access to our delivery management software, she exclaimed, “Great, now we don’t have to worry about that!”

This story speaks to one of the most important benefits of cloud computing: time! Company resources used to maintain computers, backups and coordinate local technical support are minimized or totally removed, giving you back the one thing you cannot buy: time to run your company.

Think you could benefit from some extra ‘time’ to run your company? Learn more about the perks offered by Clear Computing’s cloud software, here:

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