Schedule on-demand pick-ups

with QR Code stickers on your waste containers


Are your fixed routes servicing half-full containers?

Your route drivers and vehicles make up the most expensive costs of your waste business. It makes good business sense to minimize unnecessary pickups.

With QR code stickers on waste containers, you make it incredibly easy for your customers to alert you when a pick up is needed. Your customer simply scans the QR code with his mobile phone, enters a code and clicks a button to notify you to service. Your office gets immediate notification.

Scan the QR Code below (use QRReader or Scan apps on iPhone or Android) to see a sample service request.

Using QR Code stickers is also a great way to provide customer service notifications for portable toilets.  More information on usingQR Codes for Portable Toilets is available by clicking HERE.

You can contact our office for more information about using QR Code stickers in your service business.  Use our live support link, call 732-747-0113 or email us at .