Local Copies of Your  

TAC Online Data


Do you worry about emergency access to your cloud-based data?


Despite the fact that TAC Online data is supported and backed-up in Amazon’s large, fully-supported data centers,  having a local copy of yesterday’s data on your local server could give you extra peace-of-mind.  Clear Computing understands this concern, and offers several options for TAC Online customers to obtain local copies of your data.

These options allow you to run a copy of your data on a local PC with TAC installed.

Option 1. Copy of data is delivered nightly into a cloud folder (Cost $10.00/month)
  • You can then copy it to a local computer as a safe duplicate.
    • Most recent 5 days are available
  • Your local technical staff is responsible to set up and keep up-to-date. following these steps:
    • Copy data backup to a local folder
    • Open SQL manager and restore backup to server
    • Run your local copy of TAC program against data to confirm operational

Option 2. Clear Computing sets up TAC on your local computer and updates it on a periodic basis.

(a) TAC set up  on a local station – Setup (One time cost $250.00)

Clear Computing technical staff will log into a dedicated computer on your company premises and set up the station for TAC local.

  • TAC is installed
  • SQL operational version, e.g., SQL 2014
  • Downloading and activating the station with a latest copy of your data
(b) Updates or data downloads to local version can be done by Clear Computing  ($125.00/update)

Each update consist of:

  • Updating TAC to latest version
  • Downloading and installing latest copy of your data
  • Attaching the data to the server
  • Run TAC against the new db to confirm operational

Contact our office for more information.