Many service companies have operated for a considerable amount of time. While a time-honored reputation is certainly a good attractor for customers, don’t forget that your company can always grow. Complacency and stability are different things. Your company can meet its goals and satisfy its customers with stability even as it grows and flourishes. A complacent company has lost its ambition. With this in mind, Clear Computing has compiled a short list of pointers to help you streamline and evolve your company without sacrificing its core principles.

1)         Empower your employees.

            Remember that planning and execution are two separate things. Your employees are the foundation of your company. Reward their hard work and, more importantly, give them an element of control over their destinies. If someone has been with you for a while, give him or her more responsibilities. Let your key employees make key decisions; it will take some pressure off of you and it will highlight their knowledge of your company’s workflow. Let the people important to you know they’re important.

2)         Outsource.

            If there is an aspect of your company that consistently gives you a headache and slows productivity, hand it over to the experts. If your management software is troubling you, look into a new system. To optimize performance, ensure that everyone is working on tasks at which they are the best. If you have a department that doesn’t fit that template, outsource it.

3)         Clean your workplace.

            Throw things away that you no longer need. For anything that’s leftover, file it. Store as much information as you can on a computer or, ideally, in the cloud. A cluttered office impairs productivity. In the words of William Morris, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” Apply that ethic to your office and improve your workflow.

4)         Systematize!

            That’s a fancy way of saying that you should develop a template for every process. If you use email frequently, for instance, develop a way for every email to be structured so its information can be interpreted quickly. Have a process for everything and educate your staff.

With these simple steps, your service company is on its way to a more streamlined, creative, and productive future. Even if you’re not expanding and your goals are not changing, find ways to meet them with less energy. There is always a way to improve.

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