• Integrated Credit Card Processing

    Credit card processing with Total Activity Control is easy.  With a few clicks, your company can accept payments, email receipts and have the payment information flow directly into the customer record.  No need for a separate terminal.

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How It Works

On this page, you will find information and resource materials to enable you to integrate your Credit Card Processing with TAC as quickly as possible.


Credit Card Integration – Why It Makes Good Business Sense

Get Credit Card Information Before Solutions Are Rendered

How Much It Costs

The fairest and best pricing program for Credit Card Processing is Interchange Plus. The fees are composed of the Interchange charges set by the Card-Issuing Banks and vary dependent on the card type and how the transaction is processed. Added to this are the Dues and Assessments from Visa and MasterCard. For account management, fraud control, processing and reporting, we add our charges. This program insures that you will always be paying the lowest rate possible for each transaction type even when there are increases or decreases in Interchange categories which occurs twice a year.

Setup Time

Setup usually takes about a week.  Here is an overview of the process to sign up:

  1. First you begin by filling out the Merchant Information Form (MIF). We create an electronic application for you and email it to you for your eSignature.
  2. You receive the email with instructions to electronically sign the application. You follow the instructions, and when the process is complete the application is automatically submitted.
  3. Within 24 hours, the application is approved and coded. We acquire the Virtual Terminal license and send you the instructions for registering your Virtual Terminal.
  4. You process a test transaction for $1.00 on your credit card and watch for this amount deposited to your bank account.
  5. When you see the $1.00 deposit, return to the Clear Computing website and click on the Live Support button at the top right. Our Live Support team will complete the process of  integrating the credit card processing program with your TAC system.

How To Get Started

  1. Click here for the Merchant Information Form. Fill this out completely and fax to our office at (609) 924-6732.
  2. Include with your fax:
    • 3 recent contiguous months processing statements from your current processor.
    • A business license or other government-issued document showing the business address.

Fax these documents to our office and we will contact you with any questions. If you need any help, or have any questions. Call the Payment Management Office at 609-924-1249 and a friendly application specialist will take care of you or contact Jennifer directly at 609-921-3139.

Getting Started

About TAC Credit Cards

Jennifer Guy has been in the electronic payment industry and with Payment Management since 2006. She brings with her a mastery of the consultant “sell” and an primary focus on educating the customer to make informed decisions.

She works with large and small merchants, both retail and corporate, and has focuses on the delivery and routing industry – waste management, portable toilet rentals, roll off dumpsters. “It is a growing industry which is largely family-owned and it is important that they have a trusted partner to work with,” she says.

Jennifer earned her undergraduate degree in Music from Ohio State University and went on to earn a Masters degree in business at the University of Phoenix. Given the changing nature of this business, she is constantly learning new technologies and methodologies and finds that it is an opportunity for “life-long learning!”

Whereas Jennifer personally manages her account portfolio, she does so in partnership with referral agents, processors and support staff at the Payment Management offices in Princeton, NJ.

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