Use Our Service Delivery Management System for Sales Management

Have you been trying to sort out how to fine-tune your sales management within the Clear Computing service management system? The steps below will show how to use the Customer Master to manage and track the sales leads for each sales person.

1. Create a Customer Master record for each sales person.

2. Create Reference File Codes for tracking and reporting:

    1.  Market Type.
      Examples: LeadRes = Residential, LeadGre= Lead Grease, etc.
    2. Site Code.
      Examples: Level1= High Priority, Level2=Mid Priority, etc.
    3. Sales Source.
      Examples: Referral, Cold (cold call), Bid (bid service), etc.
    4. Note Codes.
      Examples: 1st Call, Call Back, Presentation (prsntation), Mailed Document (maildoc), Emailed Document (emaildoc), etc.

3. You can now create a Site Master for a new prospect and assign it to the sales person’s Customer Master. Use the sales management codes you created, site notes, and reminders to track sales activities.  When a prospect becomes a customer, change the billing information to create a true customer master for that site , and then manage it as you manage all the other site sites in your service  management software.

4. For screenshots and additional detail on this process, click here for the ‘Sales Management Using Customer and Site Master’ PDF.