Equipment Recommendations

Our company has years of experience in the service industry. Below are equipment recommendations to help you with your growing business.


Tablet Computers

iPad Air and iPad Mini

For computing on the road or on the go, we recommend a tablet computer, either the Apple iPad or an Android tablet such as Google Nexus or Samsung Galaxy Tab. The  For maximum benefit, you should choose the model that best fits your employees’ needs in terms of size, weight, and app availability.

Apple – Compare and Buy iPads

Top-Rated Android Tablets

Tablet Cases

To keep your tablet protected in tough environments, we recommend the use of rugged and waterproof cases. There are many different cases available to fit different tablet models and protection levels.

Amazon – Rugged Cases for Apple iPad

Amazon – Rugged Cases for Android Tablets


Staked Marking Flags

Marking Flags

These staked marking flags are perfect for marking survey or construction lines. They are available in multiple colors, with reflective material, or with custom text such as your company name or utility line types.

Sources for marking flags include:

Amazon – Marking Flags

Blackburn Marking Flags & Marking Products

FullSource Industrial Product Supply – Marking Flags

Tablet Mounts

For computing on the road, consider vehicle mounts for your tablets. Mounts give easy access for the driver and also may prevent accidental damage. There are many different mounts available to fit different tablet models and display methods.

Amazon – Vehicle Mounts for Apple iPad

Amazon – Vehicle Mounts for Android Tablets


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