Imagine for a moment that you hop in your car for a pre-planned 90-mile drive to pick up a good friend, only to find that your GPS has arranged a 900-mile journey for you… completely off course! That’s what happened to Sabine Moreau, a Belgian woman whose story was shared by the Huffington Post in January. Moreau isn’t the only one to encounter serious GPS trouble…

“In March, three Japanese tourists vacationing in Australia found themselves stuck in several feet of water after their GPS system told them to forgo roads and drive directly through Moreton Bay to reach an island.

Similarly, in August, a man drove straight into an Alaska harbor after claiming his GPS told him to turn right. The directions took him down a launch ramp and into the water, the Los Angeles Times reported at the time.”

For those in the dispatch service industry, a GPS blooper like this would be devastating for business. Luckily, when you have experienced drivers behind the wheel and top-rated dispatch software to lean on, chances of such a mix-up are slim to none.

Dispatch Software Incorporates GPS and Dispatching ToolsWeb Based Dispatching Software to the Rescue

We’ve often made mention of the perks of our dispatching software, TAC Online, as its features put you ahead of the competition with the following tools:

  • Write-On Maps (gives drivers detailed, marked-up maps of service locations)
  • Drag and Drop Dispatch Board (assign stops and optimize routes with ease)
  • Integrated Work Orders (Fixed Service Routes are integrated with each Work Order to notify drivers of upcoming changes)
  • Real-Time GPS (allows your office to know exactly where the drivers are)
  • Garmin Integration (get in-vehicle voice and map directions)
  • Email Option (send drivers route updates and work orders; also receive driver messages)

Don’t allow yourself, or your drivers, fall victim to severe GPS errors! Call (888) 332-5327 to enroll in our service management software, today!