Did you know? Our new service delivery management server now connects you to a group of computers designed for 24/7 availability, faster screen response time, universal printer access, improved printer times, and full support for Macintosh Cord RDP.

To top it off, we’re releasing new delivery management software updates this Friday, August 31, 2012. Check out the great service software updates we have coming your way:

  • Bing Maps
      • Bing Maps on Site Master will now support the following (in addition to displaying location on a map):
      • Service Delivery Management Software Supports Bing MapsMove point and change latitude and longitude
      • Change and search for address while mapping
      • Update directions, map code map page and map coordinates
      • Update service address
      • Display a single route in F5
      • Display a single route in F4



  • Work Order Format
    • Type of work order banner has been changed to print the type of work order on the left in bold large font and the route, truck, etc. , on the right in standard font.
  • Delivery Management Software Offers New Large Logo FormatLogin/Logo
    • Logo area has been expanded to handle a large, new logo format which now covers the entire top 2 inches of the page for invoices, statements, ledgers, work orders, customer letters and terms and conditions.
    • Many companies have specialized headers that contain specific IDs, and tag lines, however, our new format provides a large area to use for a single graphic that can contain image and textual information.
    • Learn more about the new large header format, here: http://www.clearcomputing.com/help-pdfs/general/LargeLogoFormat.pdf
  • F7 Search
    • When entering the invoice, work order or site number, the search button is disabled until search is completed. This stops multiple searches on slower systems.

Do you have any questions about the upcoming delivery management software enhancements? Reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter, or give us a call at (888) 332-5327. We’re happy to walk you through any software questions you may have.