When there’s a process in your business that irritates you and your customers, you don’t have to live with it. We forget sometimes that you can change your structure; you can make the world simple. So we’ve taken another step to get you there, to a simpler world. Now your customers can view their account information online, easily, quickly, and without a web of phone calls and emails.

computer dispatch softwareOur dispatch software takes many threads of a business and weaves them into a solid rope of information, localizing everything to one place, and we’ve captured another strand: account information. We’ve enlisted the services of www.acctbal.com/trial to compile everything about your customers’ accounts into one user-friendly interface.

Computer Dispatch Software for Customers to Check Their Information Online:

  • The service site address
  • Balances by service location
  • The assigned unit with rates
  • Service routes
  • Invoices
  • Payments

Simply add this link: www.acctbal.com/YourCompanyName (actually insert your company name after the slash), give your customers the customer code and password, and they have immediate access!

Try if for yourself! Go to www.acctbal.com/trial, login with “docon” password: docon@999; it costs $19.95 per month with a setup fee of $120.00.

How is AcctBal.com working for you? Have questions about our new web-based dispatch software? Ask us on Facebook and Twitter, and keep checking our blog for more updates!