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    More than half of today’s Fortune 500 companies rely on cloud services, taking advantage of the increased profits and productivity that these affordable tools provide. Clear Computing’s Cloud-To-Cloud services integrate our service software with cloud-based tools for sales management and route optimization.

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Marketing Campaign Integration

Our software supports marketing campaigns implemented using Salesforce and Constant Contact.

Salesforce Cloud Lightning


With Salesforce support, you can connect customer data from your TAC Online database to Salesforce’s Cloud Lightning customer relationship manager. Updates and additions to your marketing campaigns with our cloud-to-cloud tools ensure you’re always up-to-date when you reach out to your customers.*

Data transfer includes:

  • Customer number (record owner)
  • Billing name
  • Billing address, including city, state, and ZIP code
  • Phone and fax number
  • Contact name
  • Email (billing email)
  • Customized fields allow you to program data export on a case-by-case basis. Customization costs apply. Any additional or different fields require a customization and are quoted separately.

Access and usage training of salesforce.com is the responsibility of Salesforce.  TAC Online is considered to be the book; it will hold the master valid copy of your customer data. TAC Online data will overwrite Salesforce data on update. Email campaigns require customer contact and email data to exist in the customer master.

* Contact records are only created during the initial add. Updates do not create contact records for previously imported accounts, only new accounts.

For more information, see our Knowledge Base article Salesforce.com Interworking.

Constant Contact Email Marketing Campaigns

TAC Online supports Constant Contact email marketing campaigns. With Constant Contact, your sales team can create professional emails that bring customers to your door. Use customizable email templates, personalized and automated messages, and email tracking tools, all with the customer contact data in your TAC Online database.

Please be aware that by United States law, user-initiated unsubscriptions must be honored. If further emails are send without user consent, the sender has significant liability for every message. To learn more, see the FTC’s CAN-SPAM Act: A Compliance Guide for Business.

Route Optimization Service

Coming Soon!

We will soon be providing a full-ranging route optimization service. Import optimized routes as route replacements for existing routes or as new routes; keep all existing route identification or remove an entire route’s number, day, and stop data. Built-in route optimization tools will help you handle your day-to-day routing alternatives.

  • Service Dispatch Board with full editing capabilities
  • Service Route recommendation (all stations)
  • Bulk route management (all stations)
  • Route Optimizations (Dispatch stations)
  • Lasso tool (Dispatch stations)

Complete turnkey routing service features will include:

  • Re-optimization of existing routes
  • Time-of-day optimization
  • Bulk addition of incremental work loads
  • Vehicle outages
  • Full re-routing

Smart routing features will include:

  • Vehicle capacity driver
  • Unit process load by both quantity and time
  • Multi-day service
  • Allowable work hours
  • Mapping zones by vehicle
  • Update vehicle capacities (gallons, hours)
  • Update service zones

For more information, see our Knowledge Base article Route Optimization.

Customized Export

There are times when specialized data exports are required to meet your business reporting and tracking needs.  Our customized export service connects your with our programmers to create customized data extractions.

How It Works

  • You provide a sample spreadsheet with your required column headings
  • A sample extract is developed and shared with you via Dropbox
  • Once your have reviewed and approve the results, a full export is completed and delivered via Dropbox 

For more information, see our Knowledge Base article Customized Export.

  • Pricing

    For our Cloud-To-Cloud pricing details, please see our Pricing page.

    For more information or to sign up, call our sales team at 1-888-33-CLEAR (1-888-332-5327). We’ll help you match our software and services to your company’s needs.

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