Service Software, Clear Computing Online“Now I don’t have to be at the office to do work!”

Many times life makes coming to the office hard because it stops you from meeting other important needs, like caring for a parent, or yourself, if you are ill or injured. Not to mention the expensive commute, the much-needed vacation you just don’t have the time for, and that cute new family member you haven’t seen enough of. Oh, and that’s right, you’re the owner of the business, which means you often need after-hours access, so back to the office you go…

Well, not anymore! Clear Computing’s online service software gives a whole new meaning to working at home by putting ‘the office’ at your fingertips.

Service Management Software To The Rescue

Service Management Software from Clear Computing Redefines Working at Home
Service Management Software from Clear Computing Redefines Working at Home

Last week, a customer called to ask us if Clear Computing Online (TAC Online™) would allow her to work from home. The answer was, and is, “Yes.” We recommend the following ‘remote office’ set-up:

  • Clear Computing Online service management software to access company records
  • 8×8 VOIP to transfer office calls to the home phone line
  • ooVoo Video Conferencing to video chat (and instant message) with coworkers in the office, as if you were at your desk in-person

Leaning on Clear Computing’s service software makes the transition from working at the office to working from home seamless. To learn more about how to get your ‘remote office’ set up with Clear Computing’s service management software today, contact us at (888) 332-5327.

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