Enhanced service software, TAC Online, now gives users more invoicing options.

web-based dispatch softwareTINTON FALLS, NJ – SEPTEMBER 24, 2013 – Dispatch software company, Clear Computing, has recently made updates to their already innovative cloud-based management system, TAC Online. The newest improvements include updated invoicing, service route options, reporting and Street Eagle.

The new TAC Online software enhancements will add extra functionality in the invoicing and reporting options. Updates to TAC Online’s Service Routes and Street Eagle features allow the dispatch service software to run more efficiently.

“We pride ourselves in creating and updating the best dispatch software around,” says Joel Smith, Clear Computing Technology Officer. “These updates to TAC Online will allow our customers to easily keep their clients updated and on track.”

Several new enhancements have been made to TAC Online’s invoicing section. Updates to the service software include changes to the invoice format, which can now support customization and customer invoices have more sections (code, proposal, work order and blank). Emailing invoices is now sensitive to the type of invoice set at the site level and bulk emailing will use the site invoice format so that multi-site/customer invoice can be emailed in bulk. In addition, the receivable reporting search has been expanded to include control and check numbers in the selection area.

Clear Computing has enhanced the Service Routes and Street Eagle features on TAC Online to offer superior management software. The Service Routes option within TAC Online is now auto selected if the day of the week, route command button or checkbox is selected. Clear Computing’s refined service management software’s updated Street Eagle feature includes color-coding, where each route can now have a preset color.

About Clear Computing, Inc.

Clear Computing is the developer of state-of-the-art operations management software for the waste, rental, fuel and service delivery industries. TAC Online handles day-to-day customer service and financials, including service site management, price lists, work orders, service routes, dispatch, route mapping and optimization, disposal tracking, inventory and more.

Clear Computing has led the industry in service delivery management software enhancements and integration since 1988 with Microsoft Windows-based software, integrated mapping and links to QuickBooks Pro and GPS tracking. TAC Online is a Microsoft Certified product. Contact Clear Computing at 1-888-33-CLEAR (1-888-332-5327) or for more information, visit http://www.clearcomputing.com.

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