Recycling software, Clear Computing Online, will be presented at Annual Trade Show this November 7-10, 2012 by new NORA member, Clear Computing, Inc.

TINTON FALLS, NJOctober 17, 2012 – Clear Computing, Inc., developer of web-based service management software, Clear Computing Online, is proud to announce its membership to NORA, An Association of Responsible Recyclers. In addition, Clear Computing will be exhibiting its service delivery management and recycling software at the 2012 NORA Annual Recycling Conference and Trade Show this November 7-10, 2012 in Bonita Springs, Florida.

NORA represents over 325 leading companies related to the responsible recycling of used oil and related materials. Clear Computing, Inc. is an Associate NORA Member, providing cloud-based recycling software to businesses in the oil collection and recycling industry including black oil, used petroleum, and used automobile and motor oil. Those in the liquid recycling industry lean on Clear Computing’s service software to relieve the headache of managing everything from operations and billing, to dispatch. Clear Computing, Inc. is a great fit for NORA, and is proud to be a newly listed member of the Responsible Recyclers Association.

This November 7-12, 2012 marks the NORA Annual Recycling Conference and Trade Show. Clear Computing will be present at the trade show, exhibiting its online service management software, Clear Computing Online, which gives businesses the ability to access their systems anywhere, anytime. Clear Computing Online is hosted in secure, backed up 24/7 data centers, offering the following advantages: always up-to-date software features, minimized local computer and IT costs, and the flexibility of remote access.

“Recycling businesses are interested in the productivity improvements and savings that web-based service delivery management software provides,” says Joel Smith, Clear Computing Technology Officer.  “We’re more than thrilled to be presenting our comprehensive Clear Computing, Inc. recycling software to NORA Conference attendees at this year’s trade show.”

For more information on Clear Computing service software, visit or contact Clear Computing at 888-332-5327.

About Clear Computing, Inc.

Clear Computing is the developer of state-of-the-art operations management software for the waste, rental, fuel and service delivery industries. Clear Computing Online handles day-to-day customer service and financials, including service site management, price lists, work orders, service routes, dispatch, route mapping and optimization, disposal tracking, inventory and more.

Clear Computing has led the industry in service delivery management software enhancements and integration since 1988 with Microsoft Windows-based software, integrated mapping and links to QuickBooks Pro and GPS tracking. Clear Computing Online is a Microsoft Certified product.  Contact Clear Computing at 1-888-33-CLEAR (1-888-332-5327) or for more information, visit

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