• Business Intelligence Dashboard

    Everything you need with a simple click. 

    Interactive charts and ad-hoc reports give you the information you need to take action. View customer gains and losses, month-to-date and year-to-date sales tracking, customer collections, unit pricing and utilization, service route productivity and revenue, work order and billing statistics, and more.

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Our Business Intelligence Dashboard provides secure access to all customer information both at service location and customer level.

Features include:

Our Business Intelligence Dashboard provides secure access to all customer information both at service location and customer level.

Features include:

  • Settings preserved between viewing devices
  • Column grouping
  • Fully customizable grids
  • View Dispatch boards
    • Recurring appointments (standing orders)
    • Work orders
    • Fixed service routes including real time web service updates
  • View/Print and email work orders
  • View/Print and email invoices
  • Add
    • Customer
    • Service locations
    • Site and customer notes
    • Proposals
  • View contact information, notes, work orders, invoices, etc.
  • Searches
    • Google -like search
    • Column filters
  • Ad Hoc reporting
    • Sites and customers
    • Notes
    • Invoices
    • Receivables
    • Work  orders
    • Standing orders
    • Service Stops
    • Rental units – recurring billing
  • Graphical business analysis
    • Customer
      • Gains and losses
      • Multi-customer activity
    • Sales tracking (mths/yrs)
    • Completion rates
    • Productivity
    • Revenue @ standard
    • Route profiles
    • Utilization
    • Price analysis
    • Aged and status
    • Who owes the most
    • Receivables status
    • Market
    • Rate charge
    • Customer
    • Type Unit
    • Collections management
    • Units
    • Service and routes
    • Work Orders

Customers Gains and Losses

Identify and take action on:

  • Previous customers that have stopped generating sales
  • Customers that are coming up for annual events
  • Customers that are consistently using your services

Give your marketing and customer service a health-check. 

  • How many customers are new or returning this year?
  • How many customers did you lose last month? Last year?

Sales Tracking MTD and YTD

Daily snapshot of growth or decline in sales

  • This month’s sales compared the the same month last year.
  • Year-to-date sales as compared to last year 
  • Measures by
    • Rate Code
    • Market
    • Unit Type
  • Filter by divisions, territories, etc.

Customer Collections Balance Analysis

Collections can zero in on late payers, allowing you to rapidly identify customers that need your attention. 

  • Current/30/60/90, Future & Total Amounts Due
  • Customers owing money that are 
    • Current Only
    • Current with Past Due
    • Past Due and No Longer Receiving Services
  • Contact information for customers

Service Route Revenue and Profit Analysis Dashboard

See key figures for each service route:

  • Revenue
  • Number of Services
  • Number of Stops
  • Revenue per Service
  • Estimated Cost based on Standards
  • Estimated Before-Tax Gross Profit

Unit Price Analysis

Rapidly identify low-priced units and see what your customers are paying for your units.

  • Sales by Unit Type
  • For Each Unit Type:
    • Last 12 Months of Sales
    • Prices Charged Over the Last 12 Months
    • Customers in Each Price Group

Unit Utilization

See what percentage of each unit type is being rented.

  • Quantity and Percentage Assigned and Available for Each Unit Type
  • Percentage of Total Units for Each Type
  • Customers with Currently Assigned Units

Work Order Productivity

Work order atatistics for this week and last week and each day.


  • Work order counts
  • Number closed and invoiced
  • Total hours
  • Amounts charged
  • Estimated pre-tax profit

Sales Tracking by Customer

Identify the customers with the greatest sales amounts.

Daily snapshot of growth or decline in sales.

  • This month’s sales compared the the same month last year.
  • Year-to-date sales as compared to last year for each customer and totals for company
  • Filter by divisions, territories, etc.

Dashboard: Sales By Customer

Collections Management

Which customers owe the most money? These are the people to call to help close a gap in your balance sheet.

  • View your percent and amount of unpaid invoices for each month for last year and this year.
  • Filter your customers by how much they owe to see those customers who owe the largest amounts.

Dashboard: Who Owes The Most

Service Route Profiles and Driver’s Tablet Completions

How many stops and services are on each route?

  • Drill down to each route day.
  • Driver reporting from tablets are included to show date and time of stop completions.

Dashboard: Service Route Profiles

Work Order Completion Rates

How many work orders are you completing, closing, and invoicing?

Looking from the past two months to next month, how many work orders do you have of each type?

  • Drill down to week and day.
  • How many work orders were closed and invoiced?
  • How much did you bill for this work order?
  • Filter by work order type.
  • Work order details are shown below with highlighting of work orders not closed or invoiced.

Dashboard: Work Order Completions

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    Business Intelligence Dashboard pricing is $39.95 per month, plus a one-time setup fee.

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