Total Activity Control Online Version Update 795

Grid Management
You can set up company grids so everyone has the same tool bars and grids. Simply choose the first person and set up grids the way you want them. Then go to  \Admin\system setting\user setting.


Check the box “Use Company Default Grids”. 
This copies your grid to a common area on the shared L-drive.  As each user checks the box, they will then use the grids and menus in the common area.

Click to see video on Grids Management

Forms Management
We have several new features to help with forms management.  Many people keep multiple forms open rather then close them after each use. When opening forms from the site master:
  • Right click and view. Guarantees when you close the form the site master will be open.
  • Double click.    Site master may or may not be open depending upon how fast you click. The speed of clicking results in the requested form being hidden.
We have added these features to give you control. In Admin\user setting\ two new check boxes:
  • Cascade windows on closing – Close a form, all open forms will cascade so you can click on title bar to select the form you want.
  • Force Site master to back – when you open a work order, or rental unit the site master will be forced to back, so the form you selected always shows no matter how fast you click.
F7 Search
The F7 search now searches the line item charge note. Used to rapidly locate a site with specific line item details.

Total Activity Control Version Update 790

TAC now supports optional notifications of the status of your sent emails. There are three categories that you can sign up for:
  1. Delivered – email delivered (We do not recommend using this)
  2. Bounced – Could not deliver ,e.g., bad address NDR (Non-delivery Report)
  3. Complaint – email violated access rules for receiving client

We recommend you start with Bounced emails. This should address the majority of email tracking issues.  You will be required to supply a single company email where all notifications are sent. When an email is sent through TAC, you will receive an email conforming the status, e.g, if you sign up for “Bounced”, you will receive a notification email each time your sent email bounces.


There is a $5.00 /month charge for sender. A sender can be used for all divisions, or you can get separate senders for each division.


Other Enhancements
  • Set billing method by bill type.
  • Standing orders now have start and stop times
  • Batch credit card posting now includes total due column to spot overdue clients
  • Print invoices by proposal field
  • Demographic mapping now supports selection by division code
  • Double-click from site master improved so selected form is always on top
  • Service route report format 12 list unit type chart expanded
  • Bulk printing of work orders for other than primary company , e.g., division A, did not always print maps
  • Mapping image button made more readable
  • Added Saturday and Sunday to Garmin update

Local Access to Your Total Activity Control Online Data

Local Copies of Your  

TAC Online Data


Do you worry about emergency access to your cloud-based data?


Despite the fact that TAC Online data is supported and backed-up in Amazon’s large, fully-supported data centers,  having a local copy of yesterday’s data on your local server could give you extra peace-of-mind.  Clear Computing understands this concern, and offers several options for TAC Online customers to obtain local copies of your data.

These options allow you to run a copy of your data on a local PC with TAC installed.

Option 1. Copy of data is delivered nightly into a cloud folder (Cost $10.00/month)
  • You can then copy it to a local computer as a safe duplicate.
    • Most recent 5 days are available
  • Your local technical staff is responsible to set up and keep up-to-date. following these steps:
    • Copy data backup to a local folder
    • Open SQL manager and restore backup to server
    • Run your local copy of TAC program against data to confirm operational

Option 2. Clear Computing sets up TAC on your local computer and updates it on a periodic basis.

(a) TAC set up  on a local station – Setup (One time cost $250.00)

Clear Computing technical staff will log into a dedicated computer on your company premises and set up the station for TAC local.

  • TAC is installed
  • SQL operational version, e.g., SQL 2014
  • Downloading and activating the station with a latest copy of your data
(b) Updates or data downloads to local version can be done by Clear Computing  ($125.00/update)

Each update consist of:

  • Updating TAC to latest version
  • Downloading and installing latest copy of your data
  • Attaching the data to the server
  • Run TAC against the new db to confirm operational

Contact our office for more information.

Credit Card Rate Review

by Jennifer Guy, Credit Card Specialist

I need a rate review – can you save me some money?
I hear this periodically from merchants who have been with me for a while  Usually, they have been approached by another processor who promises savings and they want to make sure they aren’t  missing out on better rates.  This happened this week when one of Joel’s customers called me.

Rate reviews are completely normal and part of the service we provide.  We review your first statement  to make sure everything has been entered correctly.  We also do rate reviews on the anniversary of your merchant account being opened up.  This way we can make sure you are on the best program for you.

So, I pulled out this merchant’s statement to look for possible savings.  Starting with the usual culprits I asked:

  • Is their effective rate in line with the type of cards they accept (rewards, debit, government, etc) – Yes it is
  • Are they paying any downgrades perhaps for not entering the tax amount in a B2B transaction?  No
  • Are they getting the Durbin bonus on their Regulated Debit transactions? – Yes
  • Are they getting any EIRF transactions because they aren’t entering the address or zip code information?  – No.
  • Are they paying the right acquirer fees from Visa and MC? – Yes

And then I saw their PCI Compliance status – Not compliant!

Right there on the statement is the PCI non-compliance fee, costing them $19.95 this month.  Instead of taking 20 minutes to complete the questionnaire, they are throwing away over $150 every year.

I know I harp on PCI Compliance.  I know that every time you see a column from me in the Clear Computing newsletter it is likely I’m advising you to become PCI Compliant.  But this time, it isn’t only for reasons of security, but for monetary ones.  Merchants work hard to keep their business costs down, and often they overlook this avoidable fee.

Seriously, give me a call.  I can help you get started.  Spend 20 minutes and save yourself some money!

by Jennifer Guy, Credit Card Specialist
office 609-921-3139  cell 908-242-1991


Know the State of your Business

        Key reports in TAC  

        tell you the state of  

         your business. 


Clear Computing offers 4 reports that should be run at the beginning of each month, so you know how your business is doing. (Run year and month reports for the last three years)

  1. Rental rate analysis with re-occurring rental projection
  2. Sales year and month
  3. Receivables year and month
  4. Rental unit analysis by type unit year and month

If you take either the YTD receivables (cash business or sales if accrual) and subtract the YTD expenses from your accounting package (Quick Books, Peachtree, etc) you will have you Basic Gross Profit before taxes.

This will show you how you company is trending from previous years and tells you how you are doing with minimal of effort.

Click HERE to read more! 

TAC Sales Station Update

New Web Sales Station

The New Sales Station is available for pre-production testing. (We are still making improvements!)

Try out the new sales station!   CLICK HERE.

(login=demo, password=demo@999)

Some of the new features in this update are:
  • Google-like search box that searches all displayed fields
  • Search by invoice, work order and unit serial number
  • Adjustable column widths
  • Selection of display themes ( Lots of different styles)
  • Financial summary on location tab
  • Invoices and work orders can be emailed as attachment
  • Invoice and work order export in (pdf, rtf, html, etc…)
  • Email
    • Multiple recipient email addresses (Pull down of site and customer emails)
  • Edit Site Master
  • Line items on proposal can be edited
  • Faster response times
Coming In next update:
  • Populate note text from codes in reference file 89
  • Updated Icons
Try out the new sales station!   CLICK HERE.
(login=demo, password=demo@999)

TAC Online Scanner for Drivers Service Station

TAC On Line – Scanner Announcement
We continue to add features to remove any paper and voice communication for normal operations with employees and customers. These new services support your driver reporting serial numbers to back office for deliveries, pickups and exchanges. The driver simply scans the unit code (yes we support all coding types qr, bar code 39, etc.) and you receive both a real time email and a note inserted into TAC Online immediately. Close business transactions now!
Your customer can scan a Service Survey QR code with any scanner software and they will be prompted on unit status, and option to add a note. 7 x 24 customer service

The new services are based on two scanner tools:

  • QR – Service Survey
  • Driver Scan
QR – Service Survey
Put a QR Code sticker on your unit and give your customers the ability to report on unit condition.  Your customers and users can scan the QR code on your unit, and you receive an immediate email message with the site number, serial number, and user comments. This information is also stored in TAC.

Give it a try by scanning the code on the right.


Driver Scan

This app is FREE for all Web Service Stations and not only scans inventory bar codes but will also work with QR Service Survey labels.

This app will run on both Apple and Android phones and tablets and allows your drivers to sign in securely and scan unit serial numbers to:

  • Send email to office with
    • Serial number
    • Action selected by driver,  e.g., deliver, pickup
    • GPS latitude and longitude
    • Driver note
    • Date and time
  • Notes are inserted as follows:  If unit is assigned,  a Site Note is crated and if not assigned a special Customer Note is posted to a customer “OPERATIONS”

Sample Label you can print from TAC:

Try it out!   CLICK HERE. 

Credit Card Processing: Does EMV affect you?

Does EMV affect you?  Only if you are a  Card Present Operation

by Jennifer Guy, Credit Card Specialist

EMV is the chip card technology that is in the news these days.  It has been being used in Europe for years.  The US is a late adopter, but that begins on October 1st.

Does it affect me?

ONLY IF someone comes in and hands you a credit card which you then swipe.  If that is the case, then you need a new terminal to handle the chip cards.

Why do you have to do this?
Because you become liable for any fraud perpetrated against you.  If you accept a card by swiping it (yes, you can still swipe), and that card turns out to be fraudulent, then you pay for that fraud.  If you have the chip machines, and accept a fraudulent or stolen card, then the bank will pay for the fraud.  Here is an official discussion of this phenomenon.
“One key component in the EMV discussion is its accompanying liability shift. This liability shift means that those issuers and merchants using non-EMV compliant devices that choose to accept transactions made with EMV-compliant cards assume liability for any and all transactions that are found to be fraudulent.
MasterCard defines the liability shift this way:  The party, either the issuer or merchant, who does not support EMV, assumes liability for counterfeit card transactions.  Understand that by issuer, the card companies do not mean themselves; the term refers instead to banks, credit unions, and any other financial institution issuing credit or debit cards.    Read more here.
Stay tuned – we fully expect that if security holes get plugged in the retail world, the card-not-present world will become more attractive to the fraudsters.  Don’t get complacent!
From Joel:
We work every day to make and keep TAC secure.  There has never been a breach of TAC and we want to keep it that way.  We hold our customers to high standards in their local set up and we hold ourselves to a higher standard for our products and services.  We are ahead of the game on security and we plan to stay that way.
– Joel Smith.

Specialized Work Order Forms

We are enhancing our customized work order support to allow for custom work order forms on the driver’s service apps.

The drivers enter information on their mobile devices that then shows up on matching work order manifests.

Driver’s App Specialized Work Order Forms. These forms are designed to improve operational reporting, real  time invoicing, regulatory reporting requirements and improved information for drivers.  Options include

  • Standard (Available now)
  • Black and yellow oil collection (Available now, see below)
  • Roll offs
  • Medical manifest tracking
  • Septic and sewer and drain with financials
  • Fuel Delivery

Black/Yellow Oil Work Order Form

We now support entry of start and ending inches for black/yellow oil collection with customer signature for manifesting requirements.

1. Driver enters starting and ending inches on work order edit on the mobile web app.

2. The starting and ending inches flow through to the manifest (custom manifest required) so it can be emailed to the customer for permanent record keeping.

For more information about a customized work order form for your company, contact our office.

On-Demand Pickups with QR Codes

Schedule on-demand pick-ups

with QR Code stickers on your waste containers


Are your fixed routes servicing half-full containers?

Your route drivers and vehicles make up the most expensive costs of your waste business. It makes good business sense to minimize unnecessary pickups.

With QR code stickers on waste containers, you make it incredibly easy for your customers to alert you when a pick up is needed. Your customer simply scans the QR code with his mobile phone, enters a code and clicks a button to notify you to service. Your office gets immediate notification.

Scan the QR Code below (use QRReader or Scan apps on iPhone or Android) to see a sample service request.

Using QR Code stickers is also a great way to provide customer service notifications for portable toilets.  More information on usingQR Codes for Portable Toilets is available by clicking HERE.

You can contact our office for more information about using QR Code stickers in your service business.  Use our live support link, call 732-747-0113 or email us at .