TAC Online – Sales Station Update!

TAC Online – Sales Station Update!

The New Web Sales Station is available, with many new features.


(login=demo, password=demo@999)

New features include:
  • Customer view across all their sites
  • TAC Online menu structure
  • Right click and open any form in a new tab which means unlimited customer and site views
  • Select row and click context menu to act on the row for faster navigation
  • Export any grid to XLS, XLSX, PDF, CSV and RTF
  • Unlimited form grid views. So you can can have several customized views for every tab
    • Save
    • Load
    • Delete
    • Select
Above added to the already full set including:
  • Google-like search box that searches all displayed fields
  • Search by invoice, work order and unit serial number
  • Adjustable column widths
  • Selection of display themes ( Lots of different styles)
  • Financial summary on location tab
  • Invoices and work orders can be emailed as attachment
  • Invoice and work order export in (pdf, rtf, html, etc…)
  • Email
    • Multiple recipient email addresses (Pull down of site and customer emails)
  • Edit Site Master
  • Line items on proposal can be edited
  • Faster response times
Try it out here:
(login=demo, password=demo@999)

Create Your Own Reports

Create your own reports with the new

TAC Online Business Intelligence Dashboard

The new grids on the TAC Online Business Intelligence Dashboard give you the power to design your own reports.

  • Select the columns to view
  • Move the columns in any order
  • Filter on any column, e.g. Note Code, Date, etc.
  • Save your arrangement for later use
  • Export and print as a PDF, Excel or Word document.

Work Order Productivity Dashboard

Are all your work orders closed and invoiced?

The Work Order Productivity Dashboard gives you a view of work orders being processed for last week and this week.

  • View this week and last week at the same time.
  • Totals
    • Work Order Count
    • Hours
    • # Closed
    • # Invoiced
    • Amount Charged
    • Estimated pre-tax profit
  • Filter by day, driver, work order type

See this dashboard in action:

Which Customers Owe You Money?

Zero in on your late payers with our Customer Balance Analysis Dashboard 
The Customer Balance Analysis Dashboard shows you these key figures:
  • Current/30/60/90, Future & Total Amounts Due
  • Customers owing money that are
    • Current Only
    • Current with Past Due
    • Past Due and No Longer Receiving Services
  • Contact information for customers

Rapidly identify customers that need your attention. 

See this dashboard in action:

Service Route Revenue And Profit Analysis

Preview the new
TAC Business Intelligence Dashboard
Know the state of your business at a glance!

The Service Route Revenue And Profit Analysis Dashboard
shows you these key figures for each service route:
  • Revenue
  • # Services
  • # Stops
  • Revenue per Service
  • Estimated Cost based on Standards
  • Estimated Before-Tax Gross Profit

View these key numbers for each route and drill-down to route day and service locations.
Rapidly identify services that are costing you money. 
Our new Business Intelligence Dashboards are designed to quickly show you the key indicators of the health of your business.
See these dashboards in action:

Service Route Revenue And Profit Analysis 

Service Route Revenue And Profit Analysis

Unit Sales and Price Analysis


Unit Utilization Dashboard

Credit Card Changes for October 2015

by Jennifer Guy, Credit Card Specialist

Credit Card Changes for October 2015

I have fielded questions from several people about the changes that are happening in October of 2015.

Every 6 months, MasterCard, Visa and the other card brands, announce whatever changes are being made to the rates, policies, fees, or structures.  Often we hear about new categories or new promotions.  Usually, there are some changes in the rates, either up or down by very small amounts.

You can count on me to keep you up to date on the ones that affect you.


This October, there is a major change for retail merchants,  EMV. I repeat – RETAIL merchants have to upgrade their terminals to accept chip card in order to avoid being liable for fraudulent transactions.     THIS DOES NOT AFFECT CARD NOT PRESENT MERCHANTS  – so it won’t affect most of you.

If you do have a retail aspect of your business where people walk in and give you credit cards to make their purchases, then you should consider upgrading your terminal.  You can talk to me about it (609-921-3139), read more about it at here.

Fraud liability does not shift in the case of card-not-present  transactions.  The following link is from Authorize.net.  It is an faq page with the answers to the questions about EMV –http://www.authorize.net/support/emvfaqs/#ecommerce


Amex Opt Blue has arrived.  Most of the major processors are offering American Express in the same manner as Visa/MC/Discover.  It appears on the same statement as your Visa/MC/Discover, and is being processed with the same structure of rates and fees (although their rates are still higher than others).  The thing that seems to differentiate the processors is the how much they charge to provide this service.  Some processors are charging a tiny bit, 10-20 basis points, but some are charging 70 basis points or more.  I think this will equalize over time as processors lose business because of it, but at the moment, it is something watch for.


Rates are always going up and down.  Most of the changes don’t affect you and this October there are no plans for the rates that most commonly show up on your statements.  When the rates will affect you, I will let you know through this newsletter.


MasterCard is introducing an increase to  AVS (Address Verification Service) fees.  MasterCard is increasing the Address Verification Service Fee on both Card Not Present and Card Present transactions to $0.01. This represents an increase of $0.0025 on Card Not Present transactions and $0.005 on Card Present transactions.

ALF (MasterCard Acquirer License Fee): MasterCard has also announced that it is increasing its Acquirer License Fee (ALF) from 0.0047% to 0.0362%.

This is not exhaustive – if you have a question about a change, don’t hesitate to call me – I’m happy to discuss it and help you resolve any issues you might have.


Jennifer Guy

Credit Card Specialist


Total Activity Control Online Version Update 795

Grid Management
You can set up company grids so everyone has the same tool bars and grids. Simply choose the first person and set up grids the way you want them. Then go to  \Admin\system setting\user setting.


Check the box “Use Company Default Grids”. 
This copies your grid to a common area on the shared L-drive.  As each user checks the box, they will then use the grids and menus in the common area.

Click to see video on Grids Management

Forms Management
We have several new features to help with forms management.  Many people keep multiple forms open rather then close them after each use. When opening forms from the site master:
  • Right click and view. Guarantees when you close the form the site master will be open.
  • Double click.    Site master may or may not be open depending upon how fast you click. The speed of clicking results in the requested form being hidden.
We have added these features to give you control. In Admin\user setting\ two new check boxes:
  • Cascade windows on closing – Close a form, all open forms will cascade so you can click on title bar to select the form you want.
  • Force Site master to back – when you open a work order, or rental unit the site master will be forced to back, so the form you selected always shows no matter how fast you click.
F7 Search
The F7 search now searches the line item charge note. Used to rapidly locate a site with specific line item details.