• Automatic Data Backup

    With Automatic Data Backup, Clear Computing protects your vital company data 24/7. Our backup system is automatic and fully monitored. Copies of data are maintained for a full 30 days and nightly copies are made nightly to secure remote centers in case of catastrophic events.

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Common questions about our automatic data backup service:

Is my data safe?

All Total Activity Control Online data is stored in fully staffed data centers. In order to protect your data, Clear Computing automatically makes backups of your Total Activity Control data and files every night. We store a full backup of your Total Activity Control data, map images and all images that are part of the document management feature for the last seven calendar days.


What happens to my company data after I cancel?

After you cancel, your online TAC company data will be converted to a read-only format, which will remain accessible for 30 days from the date of cancellation.

You can receive a copy of your data (electronically or on a memory stick), which you can download to your computer ($49.99 charge subject to change).

You may also choose to have a complete operational system setup on your own computer with your data (certain conditions apply, e.g., computer must meet our requirements for CPU, memory, etc.), for a fee based on the current cost of a purchased system.

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